Start investing from £500,000

We work very closely with our HNW clients and build very special relationships with them. Most of our business is done on trust, and this allows us to acquire sites without requiring our clients to commit up front. Once we locate a site and negotiate heads of terms, we will approach our clients with a fully packaged development which they will acquire multiple units in upon completion. We do not take deposits from you nor ask you to use a solicitor of our choosing, a it is unnecessary, we simply build a strong and transparent relationship that we can rely on when needed. Once presented with a deal, clients will typically have 28 days to exchange. This will give your solicitor enough time to check the legal packs our solicitors have already completed for our initial purchase. 

Once we complete the acquisition and development, then our clients will be required to complete. Upon completion all clients will immediately start receiving the NET guaranteed income each month or quarterly if preferred, this is typically 9% NET. We then look to resell all the apartments to our BTL investors that look for yields of circa 7% NET thus giving a profit margin to our clients of 2% in yield terms. This typically equates to £10,000 after fees and legals for a £60,000 apartment. Minimum entry for HNWs is £500,000 and they invest £1.5m on average after their first investment. Therefore an average investment of £1.5m will return over £350,000 within 18 months of purchase, with many development selling within 12 months.