Start investing from £60,000

Buy To Let property has always been and continues to be in strong demand in the UK. Like all industries, laws and regulations, the economy, politics and taxes all create shifts. Despite the recent tax changes in the Buy To Let industry, investors have shifted towards ownership in corporations and cash purchases. Foreign investors have poured in to take advantage of a weakened pound and UK investors that would typically look for growth, are searching for higher yields outside of London and other prime areas across the UK. 

High Yield, Low Growth

We target areas where yields are high. This typically results in the historical and forecasted growth to be low, but this sin't a bad thing. Yields are high because values remain low, they remained low since the last recession and this limits the risk of another bubble. Liquidity however, remains high in that there is a huge demand for properties generating yields of 6.5% and above. 

Traditional Ownership vs Loan Notes/Bonds

Although investors today have more option to invest less and return similar yields, owning the property in your name gives you that extra bit of control and peace of mind. Loan Notes and Bonds offer fixed returns whereas owning the property yourself gives you greater potential to earn from rental increases and capital growth.